Funeral Directors Preston Branch

NC Funeral Directors Preston is managed by Funeral Director, Debbie. We are situated at 11 Langcliffe Road, Preston PR2 6UE. Our premises have a modern, fresh look tastefully decorated to offer a tranquil environment for all who visit.

Tel: 01772 876 878

Here at NC Funeral Directors, we want to help families during this difficult time. We believe that a professional and compassionate service from our experienced and dedicated team can provide you with much-needed support during this time. We pride ourselves on the compassion and commitment that we provide to all those who are grieving, and always aim to reduce your stress during these dark days. Whatever type of funeral you wish for you, we will help you to arrange and plan a personal funeral for your loved one.

“Although funerals are often a solemn occasion, I work with the families to arrange a special, memorable and fitting send off for their loved-one. A funeral that acknowledges the sadness of their death, but also celebrates the life they lived.”
Debbie, NC Funeral Directors: Preston.

Funeral Director - Debbie
Preston Undertakers Reception
Waiting Room

The Preston Funeral Home has private chapels of rest and private space for us to discuss funeral plans. Alternatively, we can always visit you at your home if you prefer.

Funeral Services in Preston

You can visit to have the opportunity to say goodbye personally in a quiet, private space. This service is open to all family and friends. Viewings are by appointment to make sure that someone is always here when you want to come and visit.

If you’d like to visit us at our Preston branch, please do give us a call first as we’re often in service or in appointments. Our number is 01772 876 878.

Our Preston funeral home includes:

  • Comfortable reception area
  • Private meeting space
  • Private chapels of rest
  • Knowledge of various religious, spiritual and non-religious funeral practices
  • Affordable funeral plans

We also have offices located in Fleetwood, Cleveleys and Blackpool


Funeral Plans and Costs

We know this time will be difficult, but being able to give your loved one a funeral service that expresses their life, their beliefs, and their wishes, will enable you to say goodbye in the best possible way. We are all uniquely different and live our lives in different ways, the same is true in the celebration of our lives, and we will always support you to create the ideal bespoke funerals to celebrate the life of your loved one. We offer various types of funerals from a traditional attended funeral to a simple unattended service. You can choose how to celebrate the life of your loved one, how to mourn their passing, and how to grieve. Whatever you choose, we will be here by your side, to help and support you and your family.

Direct Cremation

Cremation in private no mourners present, includes the cremation fee


brown coffin

Simple Cremation

Hearse only direct to Crematorium


pink flowers
black suit for funeral

Traditional Cremation

Hearse and limousine, coffin, pall bearers and order of service


a man holding funeral card

Traditional Burial

Hearse and limousine, coffin, pall bearers and order of service


Horse And Carriage


white horses

Pre Planned Funerals


old husband and wife
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay the funeral costs?

If your loved one didn’t have a prepaid funeral plan, they still may have left some money to pay for their funeral arrangements. If you are struggling to pay for the funeral, please speak to us, and we will do our very best to help. Our prices are affordable and transparent, so as not to add more financial stress to families during these times.

Are funeral directors open 24 hours?

If your loved one passes away during the night, please contact the doctors, or call 111. You can contact us first thing in the morning, and we will be able to help you then. Funeral directors are normally open during office hours.

Are funeral plans protected?

If you have a pre-paid funeral plan, then this is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

How do funeral directors prepare a body?

Funeral directors can prepare your loved one for the funeral by dressing them in their favourite clothes and laying mementos in with them.

How do funeral directors preserve bodies?

If you wish to view your loved one after they have passed, or have chosen an open cask service, then the funeral directors can embalm the body. This scientific process preserves the appearance of the body and is carried out with dignity and respect.