Traditional Horse And Carriage Funeral Service Preston

Horse drawn funerals create a traditional and majestic feel at a funeral. Our immaculately presented horses, complete with coloured plumes and professional coachmen and women, bring an extra element to your loved one’s funerals. We can offer black or white horses, with a matching horse drawn funeral carriage, and you can choose two or four horsesy.

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Horse and Carriage Funerals Services

Our experienced and professional coachmen and women will ensure that the horse drawn funeral procession is smooth, spectacular, and sombre. Our coachmen and women will be attired in Victorian style clothing, to add to the solemnity and dignity of the occasion. A horse drawn procession will truly give your loved one an incredible send-off.

What is Included?

If you are interested in a horse drawn funeral for your loved one, we are here to help. Our prices are clear and transparent, so you will know exactly what is included in the cost of the funeral. In addition to our standard burial or cremation funeral service, our service will include two or four horses, pulling a white, silver gold, or black hearse. The horses will be in traditional leather harnesses, with coloured ostrich plumes, and complementing curtains, with experienced coachmen and women also traditionally attired. The horse drawn funeral service includes a family limousine.

Our Carriages

A horse drawn hearse is an elegant and traditional carriage, specifically designed to carry your loved one to their final resting place. Our hearses are beautifully maintained and cared for by our professional team so that they are kept in top condition, whilst retaining their historic appearance.

Our Horses

Our horses are specifically trained for their role. It takes many years to train horses to drive a carriage to this standard. We have both white and black horses within our team, as these are the preferred choice for funerals. Our horses are trained so that they can work as a team of two or four horses, depending on what service you would like for your loved one’s funeral. Our horses are well-cared for and trained to an exceptionally high standard to always provide an exemplary funeral service.

Why Choose Horse-Drawn Funerals?

People choose to use a horse-drawn hearse for their loved one’s funeral for all manner of reasons. Maybe they loved horses, maybe they had always wanted one or enjoyed seeing them pass by, or maybe you find the traditional aspects of the horse drawn service comforting at this difficult time. Whatever you’re reasoning, the choice is yours. You can celebrate the life of your loved one in the way that you see fit, whether that is with a special full horse drawn service, or with a quiet, unobtrusive ceremony. We are all different, and we are here to support you in your choices.

Our Traditional Horse & Carriage Service costs £1000

As we always aim to keep the cost of our funerals at an affordable price, it is best to talk to us about what you want for your loved one’s funeral. A horse drawn service starts at around £1000, but the costs do vary according to certain factors, so it is always best to discuss it with us.

Looking for Horse And Carriage Funeral Service in Preston?

Planning a funeral for a loved one is always a sad, stressful, and difficult occasion. Here at NC Funeral Directors in Preston, we will be beside you every step of the way. We provide horse drawn funerals to families across the region to help them celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and special way. If you have any further questions about our funeral services, please contact our professional and compassionate team today on 01772 876 878

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If you have any questions about our horse drawn funeral services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We are always on hand to help.

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