Alternative Funerals

A traditional funeral is not for everyone. This is a deeply personal occasion that should be reflective of your loved one and their life. Your loved one will have had their own unique outlook on the world, things they believed in, and things that they loved and cared about. You can design a funeral service that is reflective of the life of your loved one, they don’t need to fit into the rules of a traditional funeral. Here at NC Funeral Directors, we can help you to create the ideal funeral to celebrate the unique life of your loved one, however, you wish to express their uniqueness and diversity.

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Cremation and Burials Alternatives for Your Loved One

The time immediately after the death of a loved one is extremely stressful and difficult. You are trying to cope with your emotions around their loss, deal with the admin associated with their passing, and plan a funeral ceremony. We understand that this is incredibly difficult, and are here to provide sympathy, empathy, and support during this period. We will arrange the funeral service that you want, taking the burden of planning from you, and helping you during this challenging time.

Celebrating Life Uniquely

We all live different lives, with different passions and beliefs. When we celebrate the lives of those that we love, we want to focus on all that is unique about them. Their intrinsic nature, their hobbies, and their defining characteristics. Funerals give us the chance to remember the time we spent with our loved ones, a chance to share stories with others and join together in a celebration of a life well-lived.

Alternative Funeral Service Options

Whilst many people are religious or do request a the conventional option, many others are not. There are a variety of alternative options that are non-religious funeral or religious, or you can take elements from each one and create your own service. Whatever you want, we are here to create this funeral service with you, so that you can truly reflect on the life of your loved one.

  • Humanist Funeral

Humanists believe in science, they do not believe in an afterlife, heaven, or hell. A non-religious humanist funeral can have songs and readings, but the focus will be on the eulogy, where close friends and family share stories and tributes to their loved one. Humanist funerals are often in woodland burial sites or cemeteries.

  • Eco Burial

The core belief surrounding an eco burial is that we are part of the earth and its cycle. During both life and death, we should reduce our impact on the earth. Eco burials are becoming increasingly popular and there are many ways that you can make your ceremony an eco one, from eco coffins to biodegradable urns.

  • Colourful Funerals

Colourful funerals are colourful. Guests wear bright clothes, rather than the traditional black, flowers are full of different colours. You can choose colourful coffins to celebrate the joy and happiness that your loved one showed throughout their life. People even choose flamboyant transport for their colourful funerals, such as fire engines or camper vans. However, you wish to express the life of your loved one, we can help.

  • Burial at Sea

For those who served in the Navy, or had a lifelong affinity with the water, burial at sea, may seem like the perfect celebration of their life. You can opt for a cremation and then scatter ashes on the water, which allows you to do this when you want, where you want, and with whoever you want. If you want a burial at sea, then this is also possible, though more complex. There are only three sites in the UK that permit burial at sea, and it requires a special licence from the Maritime Management Organisation. We can help you to produce the necessary documentation to obtain this licence. While the organisation around burial at sea can be complex, if this is a fitting reflection of your loved one’s life, and something that they wanted, then it can be arranged.

  • Woodland Burial

A woodland burial is ideal for nature lovers, and those who enjoyed time spent outdoors. There are many woodland burial sites, they usually offer burial plots or scattering of ashes. There is no set way to conduct a woodland burial, you can choose what feels right, maybe simply walking through the woodland with your fellow mourners, doing what your loved one enjoyed the most.

  • DIY Funeral

You can do your own. You will need to assemble all the necessary, legal paperwork required, make all the booking arrangements, and store the deceased. If this is something that you are interested in, please speak to our friendly team, as it can be complicated to arrange a DIY funeral.

How Can Alternative Ideas to Traditional Services Save You Money?

We know how expensive this can be, and traditional funerals can be more so. The rituals and routines associated with a conventional funeral can make it very costly. An alternative, created to your wishes, and schedule can prove to be a more economical option. Gathering people together for a woodland walk, or to scatter ashes on your favourite beach, can be both more meaningful and more cost-effective. At NC Funeral Directors, we know that financial worries only add to your pressures at this time, and we always strive to give families the funeral that they want for their loved one, without a hefty bill for the service. If you want a very simple ceremony, on a limited budget, please speak to us, to see how we can help you.

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Planning an Alternative Funeral with Funeral Director

We are here to help you plan the ideal funeral for your loved one, that will reflect their personality and their beliefs. We are experienced, independent funeral directors and understand all the pressures you will be experiencing at this time. We are here to help plan your loved one’s funeral, however, that may look.

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