Religious Funerals

A funeral is an intensely personal memorial to the life of your loved one and should be arranged to reflect the beliefs and wishes of the deceased and their friends and family. Here at NC Funeral Directors, we will help you to ensure that you have the funeral that you wish, whether this is a religious funeral or not. All religions honour life and death in different ways, and we respect the traditions of all religions.

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Funerals allow us the chance to honour and celebrate the life of our loved ones, mourn them, give thanks for knowing them, and reflect on the happy times that we spent with them. Religious funerals are chosen where the deceased or their family have religious beliefs that bring comfort at this time of sorrow.

Religious Beliefs about Death

All religions have different beliefs about death. Whilst some believe that the soul ascends to heaven, others believe in reincarnation, and the chance to live your life over again. We cater to all religious beliefs and traditions and will be here to make this difficult time that little bit easier.

Religious Funeral Rituals and Practices

All religions have different rituals and practices surrounding death and funerals. We understand that these traditions are extremely important, such as the clothing worn by the deceased, and the length of time between the passing and the funeral. We will always endeavour to uphold your religious traditions and adhere to the rituals and practices that are part of that religion.

  • Christian Funerals

A Christian funeral will either be Church of England or Catholic. Both will generally be led by a priest and will include Christian prayers and hymns. These religious funerals will be followed by a burial or cremation depending on the wishes of the deceased and their family. Conventionally the mourners dress in black or dark clothes, and flowers are laid on the grave, or at the crematorium.

  • Muslim Funerals

Muslim funerals take place as soon as possible after the passing of the deceased, and we will always do our best to accommodate this tradition. The deceased will be wrapped in a white sheet, and there is no viewing of the body. Mourners should wear respectful clothes, with long sleeves, and women should wear headscarves and ankle-length skirts. Clean socks are important as shoes are removed during prayers. The funeral service will be led by an Imam, and cremation is not permitted.

  • Jewish Funerals

Jewish funerals also take place quickly after the death. The funeral service is led by a Rabbi and is a collection of readings, prayers, and stories, delivered by both the Rabbi and close friends and families. Traditional Jews do not permit cremation, but cremation is allowed by certain branches of Judaism. Donations to charities in the place of funeral flowers are welcomed by Jewish mourners.

  • Hindu Funerals

Hindus believe in reincarnation, and dislike any unnecessary touching of the body before the funeral takes place. During the funeral mantras and chants are spoken and sung. If you are attending a Hindu funeral as a non-Hindu, you are expected to sit quietly and listen to these. Mourners will wear white, and dress conservatively. Hindus are traditionally cremated.

  • Buddhist Funerals

Buddhist funeral ceremonies can be quite diverse. Buddhists also believe in reincarnation, and that death should be calm and peaceful to aid the transition to the next life. The funeral arrangements will involve readings, chanting, and sutras. Buddhists can be buried or cremated, though traditionally they believe in cremation. The family will wear white, with other mourners wearing dark clothes, red is to be avoided.

  • Sikh Funerals

Sikhs believe in reincarnation. In general, they prefer cremation, though burial is acceptable if there is no alternative. The funeral service will include prayers, chants, and hymns. White is the colour of mourning at a Sikh funeral, though in Western countries sombre colours such as grey are acceptable. Red should not be worn to a Sikh funeral.

Planning a Religious Funeral Service for You or Your Loved Ones

Planning religious funerals can be stressful. You will be dealing with your own emotions around the loss of your loved one, and the repercussions of their passing. Not only will you be dealing with this, but also all the organisation required to arrange a funeral service, and the additional administration surrounding a death, which can be complex. We appreciate that this time will be challenging for you, and we will act with empathy, sympathy, and integrity. Here at NC Funerals, we will be by your side throughout the funeral planning of your religious funeral. We respect the traditions of all faiths, and will always make sure that we follow your religious traditions. We are here to make sure that your funeral plans is carried out following the customs and rituals of your faith. Whilst some people know exactly what they want the funeral of their loved one to look like, other people want more guidance and advice. Whether you have a clear plans of what you want or would like us to help to create your religious funeral, we are here to make arrangements with you.


We know how difficult this time is for you and your family. We are experienced, independent, family funeral directors. Our family is here for your family. As we are independent funeral directors we have the flexibility to work around your wishes. We will always strive to accommodate your requests so that your funeral service can be truly reflective of the life and beliefs of your loved one. No matter what your religion or beliefs are, we can create the ideal service for you to mourn and celebrate your loved one in the way that you wish. Grief and mourning is a personal experience and what is right for one family, may not be right for you. With us, you can create a service that suits you. Speak to NC Funeral Directors today, and let us help you celebrate the life of your loved one.

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