Traditional Horse And Carriage Funeral Service

Traditional horse drawn hearses have long been used at funerals, dating back centuries.
Here at NC Funeral Directors, we are committed to keeping this tradition alive.

A horse drawn hearse can make a fitting and eloquent tribute to your loved one. You can select either a team of two or four horses, in either black or white, to lead the procession. You can also select a white, silver, or black horse hearse.

horse for funeral

Traditional in Every Sense

All of our beautiful horses are immaculately dressed in English patent leather harnesses and full traditional collars. You can also choose from almost any colour plumes with complementing drapes. If we do not have what you want already made up, we will have them tailor made at no cost to yourself.

Decades of Experience

Our professional and immaculately dressed coachmen have decades of experience in driving horse drawn funeral carriages and pride themselves on wearing traditional Victorian livery. Armed with extensive riding experience, they can lead the horses and hearse from either your family home or our funeral home and onto the crematorium or church.

A horse drawn funeral hearse is a unique way to remember your loved one and celebrate their life. It is a magnificent sight and truly is a unique send-off.

What is Included in Our Horse Hearse Funeral?

You will receive all the services included within our traditional cremation service or traditional burial service, as well as the ones outlined below:

  • Select from two or four horses (four horses do come at an extra cost, please see our funeral extras page for further details)
  • Select a white, silver, gold or black horse hearse
  • Horses dressed to honour the time-tradition practice of horse-drawn hearses, with leather harnesses and traditional collars
  • Choice of ostrich feather plumes and complementing drapes
  • Experienced coachmen and women, dressed respectfully and appropriately
  • A family limousine is also included in the Horse Hearse service as standard.


horse for funeral

Our Traditional Horse & Carriage Service costs £1000

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about our horse drawn funeral services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We are always on hand to help.

Call us on 01253 420450 or 01772 876 878.
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