What to Wear to a Funeral: Guide for Men, Women and Children

Dec 2, 2022

When choosing what to wear to a funeral, the main thing you want to do is show respect to the deceased and their family. Traditional funeral attire is commonly black in colour and that is what most will choose to wear to funerals. However, you might be unsure what to wear because sometimes, people encourage others to wear bright colours because funerals are seen to be more of a celebration of life. Despite this, you still might be unsure what to wear, so in this article, we are going to explore the do’s and don’ts and what is considered appropriate.

Funeral Dress Code in the UK

In general, in the UK, the funeral dress code is to wear something dark. The outfit has to be much like what you would wear to a business meeting and that is a good rule of thumb to follow. It is not considered to be right or acceptable to wear an outfit that is loud and brash, unless requested to do so by the deceased individual prior to their passing or their family.

You should wear smart footwear as well as blouses and shirts while clothing should be revealing either, ensuring you remain respectful at all times. Therefore, you should not dress casually and should do all you can to follow guidance and follow funeral etiquette.

What do Men Wear to a Funeral?

For men, attending a funeral means that they have to wear the right outfit which means that they will dress as though they are attending a business meeting. This is because the traditional attire is a smart black or dark suit with a white shirt with a collar and black shoes. It is also possible to opt for dark or muted colours as these are also considered appropriate.

What do Women Wear to a Funeral?

Women tend to have more options than men when it comes to funeral attire. They can either wear a knee-length skirt or dress and even a suit should they wish. A plain, white blouse is also considered appropriate along with a blazer and smart shoes. Much like men, they don’t have to stick with black as dark or muted colours are also fine but they should avoid revealing outfits and too much jewellery and accessories.

What do Children Wear to a Funeral?

When it comes to children, their age will dictate what they wear but in general, older children will attend funerals and so, they should also dress smart. Dark, muted colours are best and boys should wear a smart shirt and tie as well as trousers and shoes. Girls can wear a dark dress that is smart and elegant.

Colours to Avoid When Attending a Funeral

As mentioned, the funeral dress is commonly dark colours as they are often sombre events where respect is expected. This is a traditional approach and in recent years, funerals have started to become more laid back and more of a celebration for the life of the deceased. Despite this, you should not assume that you can wear what you wish because this all comes down to the funeral plan service and what the family requests. If there is a request to wear bright colours then you can but if there is no direction, then it is best to play it safe and stick with dark colours.

What to Wear to a Catholic Funeral?

A Catholic funeral is much like a traditional funeral and that means that guests are expected to wear a smart outfit that consists of dark colours. The clothing should be modest, not casual and not revealing while jewellery and accessories should be kept to a minimum. In addition to this, dark and smart footwear should also be worn.

What to Wear to a Muslim Funeral?

If you are attending a Muslim funeral then guidance suggests that you are expected to dress modestly and follow funeral etiquette. Therefore, men should wear a shirt and trousers while women are expected to wear an ankle-length skirt and a long-sleeved top with a headscarf. You should avoid wearing bright colours and flashy jewellery to respect their culture.

What NOT to Wear to a Funeral?

To ensure that you look respectful then it is important to make sure that you avoid wearing suggestive clothes, flip flops or other casual footwear as well as printed t-shirts. You should also avoid wearing jeans and caps as well as colourful ties.


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