What Is a Simple Cremation

Nov 22, 2023

A simple cremation is a simple, quiet and dignified funeral. You can still attend a simple cremation, unlike a direct cremation, where no mourners are present, but it is a small and simple service. People choose simple cremations for various reasons, and the choice is yours. Simple cremations are designed to be quiet and affordable and are simple, yet poignant services.

How Do Simple Cremations Work?

A simple cremation includes all the fees and charges for a cremation, a service at the crematorium. It also includes a simple coffin, and a standard hearse, as well as our support throughout the process. It gives you the opportunity to gather your friends and family together, to celebrate life, and to mourn the passing of your loved one. In order to help keep the simple cremation affordable, you may be restricted to off-peak hours for the cremation.

How Long is a Simple Cremation Funeral?

A simple cremation generally lasts around 30 minutes, though we will advise you on the expected length of time once we have planned your simple cremation with you. This gives enough time for your family and mourners to gather, for music or a short eulogy, and for the coffin to make its final journey behind the curtains. This is a short and simple way to give thanks for the life of a loved one.

Benefits of Simple Cremation

Many people find funerals extremely distressing, and keeping the service short and simple can help people to cope with the situation. Often, the death of a loved one can have financial implications on a spouse or family, and choosing an affordable service is financially prudent in these difficult times.

Process of Arranging Simple Cremation

If you feel that a simple cremation is the best option for your loved one, we will support you to arrange all the details for your simple cremation. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team will be on hand throughout the process to help you with the arrangement and decisions for a simple cremation.

Costs and Financial Considerations

Whilst not as cheap as a direct cremation, a simple cremation is an affordable funeral service. We endeavour to keep our funeral costs down so that grieving families aren’t placed under extra stress during these difficult times. Please speak to us if you are struggling with the financial implications of the funeral. There are various charities across the UK which can help with the costs, and we will always help you reduce the costs where possible. If a simple cremation is outside your budget, you could choose a direct cremation, and then have a memorial service at a later date to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Cremation Process

Cremation takes place at a crematorium. After the service has concluded, the coffin enters the cremation chamber to be cremated. This reduces the deceased to ashes. These ashes are then returned to the family of the deceased so that they can choose what to do with them. Ashes can be kept, scattered in significant places, or buried.

Legal Requirements and Documentation

After the death of a loved one, certain legal requirements must be fulfilled and documentation must be obtained before a cremation service can take place. You must have the death certificate before you do anything else. This can be obtained at your local registry office. Once this is in place, the certificate of burial or cremation, usually referred to as the “green form” can be given to you or directly sent to your funeral directors. Once you have these, you can book and arrange your funeral.

Comparison with Traditional Funerals

We are all different, we live different lives, and our funeral services will reflect these different lives. A traditional funeral is a longer and more involved service, but this is not necessarily right for everyone. Don’t feel pressured by others into something that you don’t feel is fitting, the choice is yours. Some people prefer a traditional funeral, with the heritage and customs that accompany it, but some people enjoy the simplicity of a short and simple service.

Choose the Best Funeral Service for Your Loved One

Here at NC Funeral Directors, we understand the difficulty of this time for you. Our family is here to support your family with compassion and kindness. It can be difficult to balance the wishes of various family members, and having to make many decisions can just add to your stress at this time. We can give as much advice and support as you desire throughout the process, from your initial enquiry to the day of the service itself. If you want to know more about a simple cremation, or just need some advice, please contact our helpful and friendly team here at NC Funeral Directors, today on 01253 420 450

Opt for a simple cremation service with NC Funeral Directors.