What is a Direct Cremation?

May 2, 2021

Funerals are an incredibly difficult for every family, especially those that have experienced a sudden or unexpected death.

And of course, everyone’s wishes are entirely different when it comes to planning a funeral and celebrating the life of a loved one.

With this in mind, there are a whole host of different funeral packages to choose from, designed to respect the practices of different religious groups and families with certain preferences, including Direct Cremations.

Have you wondered what is a direct cremation? If so we’ve created a helpful guide outlining everything that you need to know about Direct Cremations – we hope it answers many of your questions.

What is a Direct Cremation?

A Direct Cremation is a cremation that does not incorporate a traditional service or a funeral procession.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s not a respectful ceremony – far from it! There are many reasons why people choose not to have an open service for family and friends to attend, and all staff involved in this type of funeral are still uniformed and provide a procession from the funeral home to the crematorium.

Cremation Without a Funeral Service

A direct cremation funeral is one of the simplest cremation options available. Essentially, there is no funeral service or ceremony before the cremation. After the individual has passed away, they will be taken directly to the crematorium where they will be created. Direct cremation services are often provided with a plain coffin and after the pure cremation funeral has taken place, the ashes are then returned to the family.

What Happens at a Direct Cremation?

When a direct cremation takes place, the body of the deceased is taken directly to the crematorium from the funeral home. The entire process takes place respectfully and in a dignified way. Once the coffin arrives at the crematorium, it will be held there until the cremation takes place.

Why Might Someone Choose a Direct Cremation?

Many people choose to put a direct cremation plan in place. Of course, everyone has the right to choose what happens to them when they pass away, especially if they want to be remembered with dignity. So, why would someone choose a direct cremation?

It is a Unique Service

It provides people with the opportunity to take advantage of a funeral direct cremation option. They might want to avoid a funeral as they might believe that could cause more grief for family members.

It Costs Less

As there is no funeral or service, it means that direct cremation costs are a lot lower. The provider will provide the service at a fixed cost that can be a lot lower than the cost of a full funeral service and cremation.

It’s Simple

Getting family together for a funeral can prove challenging. Family might have lost touch, there might be issues in the family and the family dynamics might not be right. Therefore, it be easier to keep it basic and have a direct cremation.

There Are No Time Constraints

When a direct cremation takes place, there is no time frame placed on the process. This means that loved ones will be given the ashes once the cremation has been carried out.

A Non-Religious Funeral

For someone who might want to avoid a religious funeral, a direct cremation might be the better option. It is natural and simple and removes the need for any religious service to take place.

How Does a Direct Cremation Differ From a Traditional Cremation?

Essentially, a direct cremation takes place without a funeral service. It will also take place at the crematorium at a time that suits it, while family and loved ones won’t have the opportunity to attend a funeral or view the deceased.  the deceased will be treated with the same respect as they would if they were having a traditional cremation, it just removes the services and keeps things simple.

Is Direct Cremation Right for My Family?

If you are planning to have a direct cremation then it could be worth speaking to your family about it. Of course, the decision is down to you but you might want to see whether your family have any thoughts on the decision. When you pass away, it is important to remember that your loved ones will experience grief and loss and not having a funeral service could make things difficult for them. So, one simple conversation could help your family to understand your decision and make it less of a shock for them.

Arrange Direct Cremation Service

If you think that a direct cremation service is the right option for you then it might be time to put the necessary arrangement in place. Once this has been done, you can then inform your family and loved ones and focus on the rest of your life.

Here at NC Funeral Directors, we are independent family funeral directors with over twenty years of combined experience. We are committed to providing affordable fixed fees on our funeral plans that work for you and your family during this incredibly difficult time.

This isn’t just a job to us, this is a calling, and a passion that spans generations. We want to be there for families across Lancashire, providing help, support and above all, celebrate the life of their loved one. Our caring and sensitive staff are always on hand to provide emotional support and advice throughout the whole process.

If you would like to discuss any of our funeral packages, please do not hesitate to get in touch – you’ll always be greeted by a sympathetic ear, and a good cup of tea.

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Embrace the ease of direct cremation for an honourable farewell.