Funeral Ideas: How to Make a Loved One’s Funeral Special

Mar 22, 2023

Traditionally funerals were sombre and conventional, but nowadays, you can make your loved one’s funeral as colourful and as vibrant as they were. A funeral is a celebration of a life, a time to gather with the people that loved them most and share memories, tales, and anecdotes. It is a time to be grateful for having known them, as well as to grieve their loss. We all experience the loss of a loved one differently and all wish to celebrate and commemorate in different ways. You can decide how best to reflect the life of a loved one, in the most meaningful, reflective, and unique way. There are so many funeral ideas today, you will be able to find something that will be perfect for your loved one.


A funeral should be reflective of the personality of the individual, not a bland and formulaic ceremony with no personal touches. Whatever the passion of your loved one, use the funeral as an opportunity to enjoy their passion, to share it amongst all the people that loved them. Perhaps they loved music, why not ask a band to play at their funeral? Or organise a unique memorial concert, in celebration of a life well lived. Have flowers in the shape of musical notes, a coffin decorated with song lyrics, and members of the congregation singing. You can literally celebrate your loved one’s life however you wish. At NC Funeral Directors we understand that you want to plan the funeral that you want, you don’t want a generic funeral, and we are here to help.

Benefits of Pre-planning

Some individuals talk to their families and friends about what they want for their funeral. This can be very useful, as it can help you to pre-plan the funeral, with your loved one. A funeral is often only a few weeks after the death of your loved one, which can be a short time frame to plan a unique funeral, especially while dealing with the repercussions of your loss. Some people choose to have a very small funeral, a short time after the loss of their loved one, and then a larger and more personalised memorial service at a later date allowing them to spend more time planning and preparing for this. If your loved one has discussed their funeral plans with you, it can help pull together a unique event in a shorter period.


You can personalise a funeral in so many ways, there are so many different funeral ideas and memorial service ideas. From the vehicles you arrive in, ice cream vans, camper vans, or vintage buses, to the flowers. Funeral flowers don’t just have to be conventional sprays and bouquets, florists are very clever, and they can produce anything from football strips to saxophones. You can choose your loved one’s favourite colours to be incorporated into any design. Personalisation can extend to the casket, the location, the music, and the ceremony itself. There are so many ways in which you can make your loved one’s funeral truly unique.

Unique Venues

Whilst there are only certain locations where you can perform a burial if you choose to have a cremation you can scatter ashes in most places, though it is always wise to check local guidelines and advice. You may choose to have an unattended cremation, and then celebrate the life of your loved one in a more fitting way for them. You can choose anywhere to go to share your memories, stories, and love. Did they enjoy movies, sports, or concerts? You can gather together in a park, on a beach, in a wood. You could visit a castle they loved, or a National Trust property, whatever you feel reflects their loves, their life, and their passions, can be reflected in the venue that you choose. Don’t feel constricted by the conventions of the past, when you can choose a far more unique and meaningful venue.

Unique Ideas

Picking a theme can work really well for a funeral service, and then carrying that theme throughout the standard elements of a funeral service. Flowers in their favourite football team’s colours, with the club anthem playing, football readings, or poems, before heading off to their favourite post-match venue. Perhaps they were an avid reader or gardener, and you could hand out books or seeds at the service so that everyone had a treasured memento to keep. It has become increasingly popular to live stream funerals or memorials so that people who otherwise may not be able to attend, can participate in the ceremony. You could celebrate with a firework display, a music concert, or simply by sharing stories. There are so many ways to celebrate a life, once you look beyond the traditional funeral service.

Alternative Rituals and Ceremonies

Funerals are no longer limited to the traditional funeral. People can choose alternative ways to honour and remember their loved ones, Many people are turning more towards eco options for funerals. This could be an eco or woodland burial or funeral, or scattering ashes in designated green cemeteries. There are many different options around eco funerals, from willow caskets to tree pod burials. Different religions have different rituals and ceremonies, and we can help you to ensure that your loved one is laid to rest following the rituals and customs of your religion. For those that are not religious and want to celebrate with a unique reflection of a life, then we can help you to plan the funeral that will suit you and your loved one the most.

Memorialisation Options

It is not only the funeral that gives you the chance to remember and celebrate a life but any memorial that you plan. You may already have a clear idea of a memorial, but for some people, it can take a while before they think of the perfect memorial for them. Benches or seats are a popular option, in outdoor places that they loved to go to, or in venues that they enjoyed such as theatres. If they love supporting charitable causes, a memorial donation can be an excellent way to keep their memory alive, especially if the donation helps towards something physical, such as extending a women’s refuge. This way you will be reminded of them every time you pass the location. Planting a tree can be a lovely way to remember your loved one, and indeed many green cemeteries encourage this as part of their green funeral service. But a memorial can be anything that is reflective of your loved one, and unlike a funeral, you don’t need to decide immediately about this and can take your time to think about how best you would like to remember your loved one.


Funeral planning can be extremely stressful for all involved. You will be dealing with the logistics of planning an event at short notice, with the all administrative issues that accompany death, all while dealing with your own emotions, from grief to shock. Here at NC Funeral Directors, we understand how very difficult it is to deal with everything at this time. We are here to support you with the funeral of your loved one, with compassion, kindness, and understanding. We always spend time with you listening to what you want for your loved one’s funeral, making suggestions if you are unsure what to do, and being there throughout the whole process. This is an incredibly difficult time for you and your family, and we are right by your side.

Looking to Plan Ahead for Your Own Unique Funeral in the Future?

Some people like to plan their own unique funeral for the future. If this is the case, make sure you write it down or talk to a trusted loved one so that your plans are listened to, remembered, and, when the time comes, that they are adhered to. Other people don’t want to plan their own funeral, but may say, “no black, I want everyone to dress in something colourful for my funeral,” and this can give you a good indication of their wishes. We are all different, some people take comfort in planning, whilst others find planning stressful and difficult.

If you want to plan your funeral so that it reflects your own unique life, then do, and we can help. If you are trying to plan a unique funeral for your loved one, then we are by your side. There are so many ways that you can express your loved one’s personality through their funeral. From the venue, the music, the flowers, and the guests, to the words. Whilst a funeral is a sad occasion, dealing with the loss of someone that we loved, it is also a time to remember their life, the people they have touched, the impact they have had, and the legacy they have left. It is a celebration of a life well lived, a reflection of experiences, and an opportunity to give thanks, for having been part of their lives. However, you choose to honour your loved one, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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