Cremation Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

Dec 1, 2023

In the UK, cremation is the most popular type of funeral with more than 65% of funerals including cremation. However, it is quite common for people to be unaware of a cremation cost and what to expect. The aim of this guide is to provide you with cremation prices and give you a rough idea of the average cost.

Average Cremation Cost in the UK

As we have mentioned, cremation is one of the most common types of funeral but what does the average cremation cost? This can cost based on crematorium prices but it still helps to be aware of what it is likely to cost as this will help you to prepare for the fees as the cost of a funeral can prove expensive.

On average in the UK, cremations cost around £800, and with this comes the cost of a standard week-day time slot for an adult resident. However, this only covers funeral cremation costs, which means that you will also have to factor in funeral directors’ costs and fees. As an idea, the average funeral cost is around £3,000 but you can save money if you compare prices as funeral costs can differ between funeral directors.

Factors That Affect Cremation Cost

1. Choice of Cremation Service Provider

There are many factors that have to be considered when it comes to arranging a cremation. Each provider will have their own cost as this will relate to the area you live, the cost of forms, and even the cost to bury the ashes. All of this will be provided by the cremation service provider although it does help to compare.

2. Type of Cremation Service

The type of cremation will also have an impact on costs. Cremation can vary depending on the type of cremation service you have. If you opt for a direct cremation then this will be the most cost-effective option but if you choose to have a funeral ceremony then there will be additional costs with this.

3. Cremation Urn Selection

Of course, as the urn is where the ashes will be stored, you might want to spend a little more but you can also opt for a lower priced earn to save on costs. There are many different options available but the average price of an earn can range from £50 to £300.

4. Plans for Cremated Remains

Once the cremation has taken place, the remains will be placed in an urn and then you have to decide what happens. The remains can be taken home by a loved one or they can be buried in a cemetery. The cost of the burial of the cremated remains can range from anything between £100 and £1,700. This cost will also be affected by where you choose to bury the remains as this can range from an environmentally-friendly burial to a private burial.

5. Cremation Timeline

The cremation timeline can vary and that depends on the cremation type you choose. In the UK, there is the option to have a direct cremation which means that the body is taken directly to be cremated before the funeral. However, in most instances, the cremation will take place after the funeral and so, once the funeral has taken place the cremations will usually take place directly after it.

How to Save on Cremation Costs?

  • Consider Direct Cremation: Opting for a direct cremation, where the cremation occurs at a convenient time, can be a cost-effective choice.
  • Choose Off-Peak Times: Selecting quieter times, such as early mornings, may impact costs positively.
  • Explore Ash Scattering Options: Comparing costs between scattering ashes and burial can reveal potential savings.
  • Compare Crematoriums: Investigate different crematoriums to understand how prices may vary.

Final Thoughts

It is never a nice thought to think about death but it is something that happens to us all, so it makes sense to plan ahead and consider the options, especially if we want to keep costs down.

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